Terms & Conditions

Cover Frameless Glass (Cape) (Pty) LTD (Herewith called the installer)

1.     ON ORDER

  1. The sketches indicating panel sizes, quantity and colour must be accepted and signed.
  2. When ordering powder coated aluminium, there might be a slight colour variation.
  3. Colour variations may occur in dark and/or metallic colours due to the coating process.
  4. Slight marks (scratches) on the aluminium and glass are allowed. The inspection distance will be 3m. Should the marks not be seen from 3m away it will be acceptable.
  5. During any dispute, a contracted expert’s decision will be accepted as final between all parties.
  6. The contract and terms must be accepted and signed by the Client.
  7. Only once the contract, terms and sketches has been signed and the deposit received, the order will be accepted.
  8. On acceptance of order the glass is ordered. The glass size is customised to the Client’s specification and cannot be changed. Thus refund on the glass will not be made should the size be changed by the Client.
  9. Depending on suppliers, 20 working days should be allowed for installation from acceptance of contract and final measurements. This condition can only be met once the site is ready for final measurements.
  10. Should there be any unforeseen price increases, influencing the original costing of the installation, after the quote has been given, the installer maintains the right to alter such quote to accommodate extra expenses.


  1. PAYMENTS: 50% Deposit on order: 40% on glass installation; Balance to be paid on completion.
  2. PARTIAL PAYMENT: Where installation takes longer than 7 days, due to delays caused by client or client contractors, progress payment will be required bi-weekly. This will be arranged with the Client.
  3. Any deviation from the payment structure will nullify the settlement discount.
  4. The installer assumes that openings have been properly built or constructed and takes no responsibility for incorrect openings.
  5. The installer is not responsible for existing reveilles, sills or apertures being out of level or not square.
  6. The installer is not responsible for any tile colour variations on tiles provided from client or supplier.
  7. The installer is not bound by any verbal statement or representations, which may be made by any employee or representative or person acting or purporting to act for or on behalf of the company.
  8. Any installation queries must be addressed to the Installations Manager doing the installation.
  9. The company will not be held responsible for any hidden or unknown factors which cannot be determined when visiting the site i.e. hidden cables, pipes, sub standard support structures, inadequate foundation, etc.
  10. When installing products, the company will endeavour to match any existing treads and finishes; however no warranty can be given.
  11. The client takes note that the system is weather resistant under normal weather conditions, but some wind and water might penetrate the system under extreme weather conditions.
  12. Should the supporting structure done by any contractor appointed by the Client, not be adequate within the time-frame agreed with the Client, 90% of the outstanding account will be paid.
  13. Should the supporting structure done by contractors appointed by the Client fail, the full outstanding account will be paid.
  14. This quotation excludes any painting or preparation of plasterwork upon completion.
  15. Installer will clean the respective site upon completion.
  16. The Client will provide the installer access to all working areas at all times. Any wasted time due to access or Client interference will be for the account of the Client.
  17. The Client will be responsible for the removal of all appliances. In the case of the company needing to remove any valuables, it would not be responsible for damage.
  18. No amendment, alteration or addition to this quotation shall be valid unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.
  19. No retention or penalties will be accepted.
  20. All warrantees are null & void until the invoice has been paid in full.
  21. All effort will be done to do the installation as per agreed date, weather and supplier permitting.
  22. On straight openings (max 7m and 2.2m height), the “pocket” (Recessed flooring where panels open) may be omitted. The Client acknowledges that this is done on request and against the design. Should the system not work 100%, the company retain the right to install the “pocket”. This will be done at a fraction of the original cost.
  23. Our system should be the last component installed on a building or renovation site. However, should the Client insist on pre-installation of the tracks, any damage to the system will be for the Client’s account.
  24. The system must be serviced every 2 – 3 years depending on usage. As there are many moving components, the service requirement will be higher than other standard doors.
  25. All products will belong to our COMPANY until such time as full and final payment is received. I the signatory to this quotation agree that the product may be removed from site in the event of payment default; even if the installation is finished and the product forms part of the building.
  26. The client is responsible for all damp proof coursing (DPC) and or other water proofing.
  27. All legal costs and disbursements on attorney-client scale shall be for the clients account if full and final payment is not received as agreed.
  28. The installer maintains the right to take photos of the installation and use it for advertising purposes.

What Our Clients Say

Hi Ashnie Just want to recommend both you and the staff on the good service I received and the high level of workmanship The product knowledge of your workmen is unbelievable and it is indeed a pleasure to deal with such a reputable company and I will definitely recommend you


-Bernice Letschert

I wish to place on record how satisfied I was with workmanship provided by your staff who completed the installation.The team were very courteous and tidy workers. I have no hesitation in recommending your Company in the future.


- Dave Maddison

Nick,  I would like to congratulate you and your team for a job well done. I am really impressed with the product, it stood up to very strong winds and theses doors are airtight. The other thing that impressed me was the level of service, quick efficient clean and courteous. Thank you for a job well done.  

-  E. Lesicnik