Neofold Frameless Folding Glass Doors

Neofold Frameless Folding Glass Doors

Neofold Frameless Folding Glass Doors

Neofold Frameless Folding Glass Doors

Neofold Frameless Folding Glass Doors

Neofold Frameless Folding Glass Doors Gallery

The Neofold System is our solution for the entry-level Frameless market, it is a perfect marriage between the classic bi-fold doors and our Frameless Glass doors, providing you with the easiest opening action ever seen in the Frameless world. Other than the traditional frameless options, these doors fold together. You however still have the option to fold left or right, but this system can only fold outward.

The Neofold fits into the outer frame of most aluminium folding solutions on the market, making an upgrade to an unobtrusive view a very real option.

Some Benefits

  • Easiest opening action ever.
  • Double-lip seals throughout system, running full height.
  • Extra bubble-seal on inside.
  • UV stable Weather-seals will not turn yellow in sun.
  • Can be installed in tracks of most existing framed folding doors without replacing outer frame. This means no chopping into plaster resulting in a dust free installation.

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Neofold Frameless Folding Glass Doors Features and Technical Specs

Advanced Features

    • No Uprights to spoil your views.
    • Dry fit clamp sections for easy installation and onsite adjustments.
    • Available in 8 or 10mm toughened Safety glass.
    • Upgrade from framed to frameless using existing tracks from most framed stack doors.
    • Standard installation method.
    • Can be used as access door.
    • Low Maintenance.
    • Bottom Running, this improves installation process.
    • 100% Manufactured South African.
    • Unique Panel retaining system.
    • Non corrosive materials used.
    • Double-lip weather seals.


  • Anti-lift feature.
  • Lock with key on both sides (Thumb-lock option in inside available).
  • Stainless steel locking-pins top and Bottom.
  • 8 or 10mm Toughened Safety glass 200% stronger.
  • 4mm Normal sliding doors – 6.38mm in Framed stack doors.
Glass Panels
75kg Per Panel (this equals to a 3 x 1m panel with 10mm glass). Max Height 2400mm.

Available in all standard aluminium colours (White; Bronze; Matt Charcoal). Nonstandard colours on special request.

Hardware in White, Bronze; Matt Charcoal; Black and Natural.