Sliding Stacking System

What is the maximum width and height?
  • Sliding Stacking System : Clearview
    • Individual Panel width : 750mm
    • Panel height : 2400mm
    • Opening width : 12m
  • Sliding Stacking System : Paragon
    • Individual Panel width : 900mm
    • Panel height : 3000mm
    • Opening width : 12m
What type of glass is used?
  • 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm (in R&D phase) thickness toughened glass.
Do your products comply with the National Building Regulations?
Yes. As most of our products are designed around the needs of our Clients and not specifically generic type solutions, we have a Structural Engineer who does a rational design on any non standard application and thus we do not only comply to the NBR, but issue compliance certificates as well when requested.
How weather resistant is the sliding stacking system?
The Sliding Stacking System has been designed specifically for the South African weather conditions. The system has weather seals all round and a water trough designed to catch any water penetration and channel it outwards. Seals between the glass panels ensure that water and wind does not penetrate the interior. In extreme weather the system might allow slight weather penetration.
What does frameless mean – do the systems have frames?
The Sliding Stacking System has frames at the sides, top and bottom. This can however be build into the side walls as much as possible to provide the most un-obstructive view compared to any other product. The top track can only be sunk into the top beam by 8mm, thus will always be visible but still give the frameless effect.
Can the sliding stacking system be used in commercial applications?
Yes. We have enclosed many shops and restaurants in shopping centres throughout South Africa. With the Paragon Sliding Stacking systems we can allow for much higher openings to be closed.
Can the system be used as a “smoke room” in restaurants?
Yes. Many restaurants need the versatility to enclose certain areas as smoke rooms but also have the advantage of opening the whole area should they need it and still let the clients feel part of the restaurant. The system installed as smoke room on its own has been done in various public areas.
If the top beam sags, will the sliding stacking system still work?
Depending on the amount of sag, the systems will still operate. The Paragon will allow for 7 mm sag, while the Clearview allows a 3mm sag. However, we recommend that the Paragon system is installed with a compensating channel which will allow a further 15mm sag on a beam when reset.  This is especially applicable on newly build houses and renovations.
Can you use double glazing with your sliding stacking system?
No. However, some scrupulous service providers sell the concept of double glazing in their systems. They however mean laminated glass. This does not withstand the wind or impact loads required and should not be used at all.
Can the system open both inwards and outwards?
Yes. Over the years we have developed the system to allow for all types of configurations.
Are the system burglar / intruder proof – how secure is it?
Very few places are burglar proof. However, with our high impact safety glass, interlocking panels and wheel combination fixed within the tracks, un-authorised entry is very unlikely. We recommend a passive security system on the inside of the property for such an eventuality.
What tests are carried out on your systems?
We mainly do impact and pressure tests on our systems. We need to ensure the safe operation in the eventuality of an accident or adverse weather. All testing is done under the auspices of a Professional Structural Engineer. Feel free to view the actual testing on our website.
Can the doors be locked?
Yes. In addition to an internal locking mechanism which fit into the aluminium section of the system, both top and bottom, you can request additional locks and key locks which can be fitted to the doors.
Can any curved design be enclosed?
Yes. We accomplish this by making the panel sizes slightly narrower and then angling them around the curve. This provides a curved finish with a fantastic aesthetic effect.
Can we enclose with angled sides?
Yes. We can accommodate any angle. We have many systems which join at a 90 degree (max) angle. We can also accommodate multi angled sides. Thus fit the system as you desire and to your specific application.
How soundproof is the system?
As the thinnest glass used is 8mm safety, the noise reduction is dramatic. 70% – 80% noise reduction when comparing to no barrier and further 35% reduction when comparing to steel or wooden windows.
Do the systems require maintenance and how often?
As the system is made up of various moveable components and weather seals which do deteriorate over time, we suggest a 2 – 3 year service interval on the system. During the service we realign the system to compensate for any sagging which may have occurred over time in the supporting structure. A further 6 months is provided with every service your system receives on the serviced parts.

Frameless Balustrades

What types of frameless glass balustrades are available?
  • Top Recessed
    • Glass panels are epoxied into a concrete or steel channel
  • Top Mounted
    • Aluminium or stainless steel brackets are epoxied into the floor. The glass is then fixed into the brackets
  • Side Mounted
    • Aluminium or stainless brackets are epoxied into the side of a slab or staircase. The glass is then fixed onto the brackets
What type of glass is used for balustrades?
12mm and 15 mm thickness toughened glass.
Do you need a top rail for the balustrade?
Yes. Current legislation forces the use of a top rail. We do have a clear top rail available which will allow the frameless effect but also will allow a sufficient barrier should the glass fail.

Frameless Doors

What is the maximum width and height?
  • Hinge and Pivot Doors –
    • Panel width : 1500mm
    • Panel height : 2500mm
What type of glass is used in the product range?
12mm and 15 mm thickness toughened glass
What types of door do you provide?
  • Hinge
    • Hinged on the sides of the glass
  • Pivot and Pivot/Hinge
    • Pivot point about 300mm from the side of the door, depending on width
  • Showers
    • Similar to Hinge doors but mo1re focussed on water retention
Can the doors be locked?
Yes. Various locking options are available
Can Clients choose our own handles?
Yes. The “Handle make the door”. This is a very personal choice and we will accommodate your choice.

Fixes, Glass Roofs and Other products

Which type of glass roofs are available?
Flat, Apex and Triangle. However we will custom make the roof to your specification.


What type of glass is used for fixes and glass roofs?
  • Shopfront fixes and glass roofing
    • 6.5mm laminated and 8mm toughened glass
    • Depending on the requirements, we can provide toughened laminated on commercial applications
What types of louvres and shutters are available?
  • Fixed and adjustable louvres and shutters is available
  • Different type of blades. Wider, thinner, Y-blades
  • Glass louvres is also available (Unisert Louvres)
  • Internal and External shutters is available
  • Wooden and Synthetic shutters is available


Do we provide blinds?
No. We however do recommend wooden internal shutters which will function as well as blinds for internal use but is much more aesthetical pleasing.



What is meant by Art Glass?
We can add any colour, pictures or shapes to our glass. We can even use fabric within the glass for arty and decorative finishes. This can be incorporated into any of our products



What architectural services do you offer?
We have architectural capability within our company to provide our clients with basic architectural services up to the full design of their property.



Glass and General issues

Is the glass we use safety glass?
Yes, both the toughened glass and the laminated glass is safety glass. We only use safety glass in our applications.



What type of glass is used in the product range?
  • Sliding Stacking Systems
    • 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm thickness toughened glass
  • Shower, Hinge and Pivot Doors
    • 8mm and 10mm thickness toughened glass
  • Balustrades
    • 12mm and 15 mm thickness toughened glass
  • Shopfront fixes and glass roofing
    • 6.5mm laminated and 8mm toughened glass



Can I use specially designed or “arty” glass in the products?
Yes, this is very popular and trend setting. The lead time might be slightly longer but the wait is worth it.




Do your products comply with the National Building Regulations?
Yes. As most of our products are designed around the need of our Clients and not specifically generic type solutions, we have an Structural Engineer which does a rational design on any non standard application and thus we do not only comply to the NBR but issue compliance certificates as well when requested.




Is tinted glass available?
Yes. Various shades of tint is available of which the grey and bronze tinted is the most sought after. Some of the tints are what the glass is made of while various options vinyl is available. We can use the glass in any of our products.




Service Standards

What guarantees/warranties are in place?
We currently offer a 5 year product warrantee, a 2 year product guarantee on the paragon system, a 1 year guarantee on our Clearview system and other products and a 1 year workmanship guarantee on all products on completion of the work, your guarantee are registered and a certificate will be issued to our clients.




Do we remind our clients to service?
Yes. Our client will receive annual communication from us reminding them of such services required.




What is the lead time for installation?
We normally have a 3 week lead time. This however can change due to higher volumes in peak season. The Installation Manager will negotiate the final installation date with our clients.




Do you have 24-hour assistance?
Yes. We might not be able to fix any problem within 24 hours. But we will respond and ensure a temporary solution until a proper fix have been executed.




How long does the installation take?
Dependant on the circumstances for each job, we should be able to fit a 5m door within 3 days.




Do we continually communicate with our clients?
Yes. Communication is one of our key deliverables. From the moment we have first contact with you; we will endeavor to keep you updated on quotes and contract progress. Afterward we will communicate with you i.r.o. services and new and improved products we continually offer our clients.




About the Company

What is meant by your Brand Promise?

In order to provide our clients with peace of mind, we committed ourselves to certain promises. This we call our Brand Promise and some of them are :

  • Quotes provided within 24 hours
  • Constant and thorough communication with our clients
  • Daily site supervision
  • Replying to queries within 24 hours
  • Ensuring your time, property and needs are honoured




Are your products available throughout Southern Africa?
Yes. We have own branches in Cape Town, Midrand and Durban. We also have agencies in Windhoek, Plettenberg Bay, Port Elizabeth, East London and Bloemfontein.



How long have you been in business?
Since 1997



Do you expand and improve your product range?
Yes. We have full time staff busy with research and developing current and future products. We are very proud to have developed our own sliding stacking system and were involved in various upgrades to many of our product lines.



Can I follow my job progress on the Web?
Yes. Every contract has a unique web tracking number. By visiting our web and entering your unique web tracking number, you can see the progress, invoices and statements. Just another innovation by Cover Frameless Glass.



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