Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass Doors

Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass Doors

Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass Doors

Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass Doors

Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass Doors

Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass Doors Gallery

The Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass system is a compact system with a slimline track system that has virtually no impact on your view.  Each panel slides individually and stacks at a 90° angle. Based on your specific needs the doors can stack either left or right, or even both, inside or outside. This system is proudly South African and immensely weather resistant.  It comes standard with a top and bottom locking mechanism, but we can also offer the revolutionary Ezee Lock as an ad-on.

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Clearview Sliding Stacking Glass Doors Features and Technical Specs


  • Smooth crisp lines (aesthetically pleasing to look at)
  • Aluminum profiles smaller in size comparing it to other similar systems.
  • Clear weather strips between glass panels
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Un-obstructive view
  • Adding value to your property


  • totally retractable
  • 95% opening usage
  • All year use
  • Many shapes (straight, curved, corners)
  • Open inwards or outwards
  • Open left, right or both ways
  • Heights up to 2400mm
  • Can accommodate any curtaining or blinds (short guider-arm protruding)

Weather proofing

  • Weather resistant wool-pile strips on in & outside of top profile
  • Minimum clearance between profiles to reduce penetration risk
  • Weather resistant wool-pile strip on outside of bottom track
  • Build-in drain channel on inside of  bottom track
  • Triple wool-pile strips on closing side of system
  • Double wool-pile strips on opening side of system.
  • Unique rotating cam-lock action to stabilize opening panel against wind loads.
  • Unique weather strips in between panels
  • Clear and UV resistant (Will not go yellow or become brittle)
  • Soft silicone inserts to prevent water and wind penetration
  • No rattling   
  • Interlocking  plastic caps between panels
  • Weather resistant shoulder on outside
  • Drain pipes installed every 2000mm to run off any excess water penetration

Safety & Security

  • Internal sliding locks on top and bottom profiles of opening panel
  • Stainless steel key-locks available as well
  • 8mm – 10mm Toughened glass
  • 5 times stronger that normal safety glass
  • Strong and sturdy profiles
  • 6005 grade Aluminium used
  • 316 grade stainless steel bolts
  • Structural glue and stainless steel mechanical fixing used to secure glass to aluminum beads
  • Intruder proof
All structural aluminium profiles for the products will be manufactured in 6005 grade

(best grade available) aluminium. This excludes cladding material such as flats & angles.

All steel components for the products will be manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel.

All weather strips in between the glass panels are made from UV resistant material guaranteed for 5 years against UV deterioration. Soft silicone inserts to eliminate rattles and prevent water/wind penetration.