Frameless Glass Balustrades


Your safety should always be priority, therefore when selecting your Frameless Balustrade supplier, do consider these important facts:

  • It is the responsibility of any builder, architect or property owner to ensure the safety of anyone using the property
  • Technical expertise is required to safely design and install Frameless Glass Balustrades
  • It is a HIGH-RISK element in any building
  • Cheaper designs and installation may lead to dire consequences
  • A critical element of a pool fence is undeniably to ensure the safety of children around a pool area. We guarantee that Cover Frameless Glass will never install any balustrade that does not conform to the AAAMSA standards
  • We recommend that a top hand-rail be used on all frameless glass balustrades for extra support and strength.
  • Our frameless glass balustrades meet all requirements as set out by AAAMSA, provided that it is installed with a continuous handrail.


Important facts:

      • The minimum height for any balustrade is 1000mm from the finished floor level (excluding pool surrounds)
      • All balustrades surrounding a pool area carries a minimum height restriction of 1200mm
      • All pool gates need to be self-closing/locking
      • The gaps between the glass panels may not exceed 100mm

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Sidemounted Frameless Glass Balustrades

This is the trendiest solution for which it is essential to optimise the space available, such as stairs and Juliet balconies. The glass is fixed either to the out or inside face of the structure.

Recessed Frameless Glass Balustrades

For an exquisite frameless look, we design a frameless balustrade system that is reinforced beneath the surface, thus hiding the visibility of all fixing materials and demonstrating an elegant view.

Panoramic Frameless Glass Balustrades

The Panoramic system is a base rail channel system and is the perfect solution for the discerning client that is looking for unobtrusive elegance.

Top-mounted “Spigot” Frameless Glass Balustrades

This system is the epitome of style and architectural elegance.

What Our Clients Say

Hi Ashnie Just want to recommend both you and the staff on the good service I received and the high level of workmanship The product knowledge of your workmen is unbelievable and it is indeed a pleasure to deal with such a reputable company and I will definitely recommend you


-Bernice Letschert

I wish to place on record how satisfied I was with workmanship provided by your staff who completed the installation.The team were very courteous and tidy workers. I have no hesitation in recommending your Company in the future.


- Dave Maddison

Nick,  I would like to congratulate you and your team for a job well done. I am really impressed with the product, it stood up to very strong winds and theses doors are airtight. The other thing that impressed me was the level of service, quick efficient clean and courteous. Thank you for a job well done.  

-  E. Lesicnik

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